Propulsion systems


Engines of the DKM Series are a convergence of high reliability and environmental-friendly engineering.

At Daihatsu Diesel, in order to produce geared diesel engines customers can be satisfied with, we pump a lot of effort into improving basic performance while also constructively and logically challenging new technological development. Customers turn us for most everything ... power, cost-performance, navigability, etc. Our geared diesel engines are highly respected and evaluated for being forward-looking and always one step ahead.

8DKM-36e Specifications

Engine model Unit 8DKM-36e
No. of cylinders   8
Bore mm 360
Stroke mm 480
Engine revs. min-1 600
Output kWm 4400〜4650
R/G model   DRA-100J DRB-100J
Gear ratio   3.188 2.972
Weight (Engine) ton 67.0
Weight (R/G) ton 18.0 17.0

※Reduction gear ratios are examples. Please inquire about other reduction gear ratios.
※The maximum output may change depending on usage conditions.

Power Chart