Marine Engines


For centuries marine transportation has been the mainstay of global logistics and materials movement. These days, with thousands of large merchant ships, tankers, freighters, and such like supporting the global economy, attention has turned to safer, eco-friendly marine navigation.
History has seen the proliferation of the diesel engine in ocean-going vessels, and growing in tandem with that has been DAIHATSU DIESEL, engineering and implementing high-performance engines, building up years of actual achievements and integrating all factors that customers’ have looked for: reliability, durability, environmental consideration, NOx reduction, low noise and low vibration, and so forth. Today’s DAIHATSU DIESEL engine is not simply our newest model; it is the culmination of over 100 years’ experience, testing and customer feedback.

Propulsion system / 6DCM-32F

Compact, lightweight, high economic efficiency, high environmental performance Mid-speed engines

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Auxiliary system / 6DK-20e

Low fuel consumption – Reliability and durability to cope with NOx

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Propulsion system

Compact, lightweight mid-speed engines with high economic efficiency and environmental credentials

Powerful, Economical, Navigable, and Eco-Friendly – DAIHATSU DIESEL’s Engines Will Meet Your Expectations
DAIHATSU DIESEL ensures customer satisfaction by not only constantly improving basic performance but also challenging our new technological developments to be eco-friendly. Our geared diesel engines have garnered trust in all aspects, such as power, economy, and ship manoeuvrability, and have received high praise as advanced, future-oriented engines.

Electric propulsion system (Electric propulsion ship generation system)

Eco-friendly and economical electric propulsion systems

The popularisation of the next generation “eco-ship” has facilitated the development of electric propulsion. Through electronic propulsion, the CO2 and NOx emissions of moving vessels can be reduced, alleviating the pressures on the Earth’s environment – a task which our company continues to challenge.

Auxiliary system

Low fuel consumption with the technology, reliability and durability to meet NOx regulations

DAIHATSU DIESEL maintains our reputation as a brand of high quality, providing reliable and durable electric power generators to all the kinds of merchant ships, tankers and freighters that support global logistics. We do this while continuing to produce technologies that are earth-friendly, to promptly meet with the needs of this era’s environmentally-conscious clientele as a leading company in this field.

For Environmental regulations

NOx and SOx reducing technologies

With the deterioration of the Earth’s environment becoming recognised as an international problem, the reduction of pollutants such as NOx (nitrogen oxide) and SOx (sulphur oxide), and associated reduction technologies, are attracting attention. Our company has been conducting daily research and development on eco-friendly ship engines based on the MARPOL Convention that regulates atmospheric pollution by ships.

Oil Mist Monitor
Oil Mist Detector MD-SX