Marine Engines


Marine transportation, such as large merchant ships, tankers, freighter, etc. have been supporting the world of material flow/logistics since a long time ago. Further, nowadays, safer and eco-friendly marine navigation is increasingly attracting attention.
The ship engines which have been flourishing in the "sea" of all around the world together with the history of marine transportation are sort of a region of DAIHATSU DIESEL's face. Accordingly, reliability of products is very high, and DAIHATSU has been building up actual achievements of high performance engines which integrate all factors such as durability supported by mature technologies, sufficient consideration to earth's environment and working environment conservation, reduction of NOx, low noise/low vibration, etc. at high level.

Propulsion system / 6DCM-32F

Compact, lightweight, high economic efficiency, high environmental performance Mid-speed engines

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Auxiliary system / 6DK-20e

Low fuel consumption – Reliability and durability to cope with NOx

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Propulsion system

Compact, lightweight, high economic efficiency, high environmental performance Mid-speed engines

Power, cost, Navigability, and also eco-friendly---  Daihatsu Engines Meet Expectation with Overall Performance.
DAIHATSU DIESEL is making effort to improve basic performance as well as positively challenging new technology development that is eco-friendly, for the target of making the geared diesel engines which give satisfaction to customers. They have been garnering much trust from all points of view such as power, cost, ship maneuverability and receiving high recognition as the advanced future-oriented geared diesel engines.

Electric propulsion system (Electric propulsion ship generation system)

Eco-friendly and economical electric propulsion system

Electric propulsion ships are built on the basis of prevalence promotion system of next generation domestic vessels (Super Eco Ship). By the electric propulsion system, it is expected to contribute to the mitigation of load on earth's environment by reduction of discharge amount of CO2 and NOx, etc. discharged from the ships during navigation, and our company is going to positively undertake the task.

Auxiliary system

Low fuel consumption – Reliability and durability to cope with NOx

DAIHATSU diesel generation equipment has been exerting high reliability and durability as the generators for electric power supply to all kinds of merchant ships, tankers, freighter which support material flow/logistics of marine transportation, while it has been keeping technical ability and recognition of the "DAIHATSU Brand of high quality." In addition, DAIHATSU continues to positively undertake the task of environmental technologies which are earth-friendly and are requested by this era regarding environment/energy, to cope with the needs of customers promptly as a leading company of this business field.

For NOx restriction

Reduce NOx.

While deterioration of earth's environment is becoming international problem, reduction of NOx (nitrogen oxide) and SOx (sulfur oxide), etc. discharged from ships is enforced, and these reduction technologies are attracting further attention.
Our company has been conducting daily research and development of eco-friendly ship engines on the basis of MARPOL Convention which regulates atmospheric pollution by ships.

Oil Mist Monitor
Oil Mist Detector MD-SX