Propulsion system

6DEM-33 e-Diesel

Environmentally Friendly Engine

We have developed the environmentally friendly economical engines for energy saving, low maintenance cost and have a high potential for meeting stricter exhaust gas regulations in the future, of course IMO Tier 2 compliant. These engines realized the environment harmony and high performance by long-held technologies of DAIHATSU DIESEL.

6DEM-33 Specifications

Engine model Unit 6DEM-33
No. of cylinders   6
Bore mm 330
Stroke mm 440
Engine revs. min-1 750
Output kWm 2150〜3390
R/G model   DRA-100J DRB-100J
Gear ratio   3.544 3.014
Weight (Engine) ton 38.0
Weight (R/G) ton 21.0 21.0

※Reduction gear ratios are examples. Please inquire about other reduction gear ratios.
※The maximum output may change depending on usage conditions.

Power Chart