Corporate Philosophy & Corporate Principles (Top Message)

Corporate Philosophy & Corporate Principles (Top Message)

Message of the Company President

President Shigeki Kinoshita

On June 29, 2016, in the Board of Directors meeting held after the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, I took office as President of the Company. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Company, while next year will be the 110th year since the commencement of its business. Entrusted with the role of leading and managing a corporation with such a long history and rich tradition, I truly understand the weight of the responsibility that I am about to bear.

With the sudden yen appreciation and decline in stock prices from the beginning of 2016, the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, concerns over downtrends in overseas economies such as that of China, and other factors, the global economy’s outlook remains uncertain. In the shipbuilding industry, as a historic decline continues in the marine cargo market, the situation of oversupply continues to remain unresolved.

In such a business environment, the Company started its Mid-term Management Plan (April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2019) last fiscal year. Under this plan, we will actively pursue the following three main objectives: “Solidification and expansion of existing businesses,” “Growth through expansion of peripheral business domains,” and “Initiatives for future business development in preparation for 100th anniversary”. Amid an increasingly harsh business environment, aside from our traditional values of “Always remember the basics” and “Work with a sense of speed,” we have added a new value, “Face every challenge with passion and a strong spirit, without fear of failure,” in order to achieve the targeted goals of the Mid-term Management Plan. Based on this, we have come up with the slogan “Challenge with Passion,” and we will endeavor to achieve “expansion and growth” by actively implementing management initiatives.

President Shigeki Kinoshita

Corporate Philosophy & Corporate Principles

Corporate Philosophy

We shall strive unstintingly for the betterment
of society and symbiosis with our neighbours,
drawing on the bold spirit of creativity
and yearning for technological achievement
we nurture within ourselves.

Corporate Principles


To provide new products and services by
anticipating market needs and pursuing
a true form of Customer Satisfaction.


To develop new areas of business which
are gentle on the global environment and
viewed from a widening global perspective.


To build an energetic and positive-minded
corporate environment, on a strong but
flexible management structure which enable
us to swiftly respond to changes in the
business world and secure necessary profits.