Customer Service

Customer Service

Perfect after-sales service

DAIHATSU DIESEL provides perfect after-sales service system and is positively undertaking the task of making communication with customers.

DAIHATSU NEW SERVICE SOLUTION: CMAXS LC-A. Cloud-based support connecting you directly to our company.

We have expanded our partnership network and joined the CMAXS Alliance Partners to bring you our next-generation support service, CMAXS LC-A enables you to manage and monitor main engines, auxiliary engines, and auxiliary devices all from the same internet-based platform. With this service contract, whether onshore or off, you can oversee all of your vessels at once via a user-friendly, dedicated homepage hosted on our cloud server.

Improving operating safety for vessels and reducing lifecycle costs were our key concepts during CMAXS LC-A’s development. By understanding your engine’s condition you can operate safely and, thanks to the fault diagnosis and troubleshooting functions included in this service, your onboard crew or our company can provide quick and relevant maintenance support. Additionally, engine data is periodically backed-up to our Ship Data Center via inter-ship communication, so you can rest assured that your data is safely stored.

Performance diagnosis, residual life diagnosis service for the main engines and the engines for generators of ships (e - GICS W)

Daihatsu Diesel Mfg.Co.,Ltd. has developed "e - GICS ®W" (electronic Global Internet Customer Support W) that provides the maintenance support of ships' engine for generators with one portal site, by cooperation with Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. It is possible to receive the service such as performance diagnosis of ship engines for generators, residual life diagnosis of parts, browse and retrieval of technical information, Q & A about engines for generators at low cost through internet for 24 hours/365days, regardless of regions, whether on shipboard or on land.

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