Environmental Policy

EARTH Its miraculous planet which was colored by blue and green

Our company regards environment preservation as an important issue, and accordingly aims at the business development in which we implore the realization of a harmonized coexistence between human being and the environment.

Action Policy

  1. Our company will intend to reduce environmental load starting from the development stage to the processes of manufacturing and servicing, and we will perform our daily activities by carefully paying attentions to such phases that may exert influences over environment, to the technically and financially best possible extent.
  2. Our company will strictly observe the laws, ordinances, regulations, and agreement, as well as the requirements, which our company agrees with regional communities, and we will strive to build up an environmental management system by conforming to the standard of ISO 14001, and will endeavor to improve it continuously.
  3. When our company develops the environmental management system for the sake of earth environment preservation, we will hold up the environmental purposes and targets concretely, and will attempt energy savings and resource savings, to promote the reduction of waste matters.
  4. We will perform the educational, training, and enlightening activities, all of which are aimed at maintaining and improving the environment preservation activities, by making every employee known the environmental management and the information related to it.
  5. In case that the environmental management activities have ever deviated from the environmental control manual, as well as the environmental purposes and targets; we will then perform the work of reviewing it.

April. 26. 1999
President Yoshinobu Hotta