Oil Mist Monitor DOMM

Since 1976, Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd. has put OIL MIST DETECTOR continuously on the market. In 2004, model MD-SX which is of sensor type mounted on crankcasewas developed. It can directly measure the oil mist density inside crankcase in a waythe sensor is so mounted that the sensing part is sticking into the crankcase.
Conventional system has to take out oil mist for measurement from crankcase insidethrough piping.
The new system provides following merits by the oil mist level is sent out for thecontroller as digital signal.

In recent years, as fire prevention measures for tankers, earlier detection on abnormaloil mist level in engine room is required as it is thought to be effective in pin-point the cause and its measures. Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd. has further advanced MD-SX typedetector into OIL MIST MONITORING DEVICE, OMM type, whose development is based on thetechnologies of MD-SX type many classes give TYPE APPROVAL.
The new OMM type can provide visual display on oil mist level where it is likely togenerate.
The OMM type is expected to go into the market October, '07.

The system does not guarantee previention of disaster, such as a fire.


Sensor unit


Function Oil mist concentration & mist level output Mist level indication & alarm monitoring
Detection point /
No. of sensor unit
1Point /1 Unit 16 units (max.)
Mist Detection /
Detection time

Suction type


Response time≦1sec
Detection system /
Optical dispersion system 0~1.2mg/l
Display /
3 color LEDs
(Power, Alarm, Failure)
  • Mist level :3-color bar-graph indication
  • LED:4 color LEDs (Run, Pre alarm, High alarm, Failure)
  • LCD
  • Key switch
Contact output

5 Points
(AC125V-0.4A / DC24V-2A)

(2×Pre alarm, 2×High alarm, Failure)

Power supply Supply from controller DC24V (+30%~-25%)
Power consumption 230mA(max.)/1 set
(Sensor unit 60 mA (max.) / 1 Unit)
4.2 A (max.) (internal : 0.5 A)
Protection class IP 55 (Except a fan hood) IP55
Weight About 2.3Kg (Sensor unit : about 500g) 4.0Kg
Paint color Munsell N1.0 (Black) Munsell N1.0 (Black)