Brand Message

Brand Message

Our Creed


DAIHATSU DIESEL will pursue "Customers Satisfaction" by having our mission of harmony with earth's environment, and will build up our future without forgetting the basics, while inheriting the history and tradition for 100 years since foundation of the company !

Providing customers' life cycle value by our products
Namely, let's practice after-sales service and supply of repair parts from the viewpoint of customers speedily and on a global scale.

Let's provide new products which conform to environment timely by sticking to the basics.

Product manufacturing starts from development of human resources.
Domestic and international development of human resources; polishing and inheriting the cultivated technologies
Technologies from there exist for protecting the earth.

Therefore, now, "Foundation for Tomorrow."

We keep challenging to the future with our action course, "CAN."

Let's build up future without forgetting basics !
Foundation for Tomorrow

Guidelines on Behavior and Attitude

By sharing the same spirit, CAN
  1. Take on arising challenges with courage and
    eyes fixed forward.
    [ Challenge ]
  2. Take the initiative yourself to turn thoughts
    into action, without fear or hesitation.
    [ Action ]
  3. Be yourself remembering always to act
    responsibly as a proud part of Daihatsu
    Diesel Corporation.
    [ Nice-Sense ]