Dual-Fuel Engines

Dual-Fuel Engines
DE20DF / DE28DF / DE35DF


Further reducing the environmental impact of our engines we introduce our DF engine lineup: dual-fuel engines that switch seamlessly between gas and liquid fuel and, unlike a conventional diesel engine, can cut NOx by up to 80% during gas mode operation. This series brings together tried and tested technologies from our accredited diesel and gas lines into one economic solution.

  1. Complies with IMO NOx Tier3 exhaust emission regulations (in gas mode)
  2. Low-fuel consumption realized with lean combustion technology and optimum valve timing(variable valve timing-mechanism)
  3. Improved redundancies with the independent pilot fuel injection system, and peace of mind thanks to the Independent Safety System (ISS) fail-safe control
  4. Four-stage loading possible in gas mode (load response improvement)
    *In the case of using DE28DF
  5. Supports various fuels (Oil:HFO/MDO/MGO, Gas:LNG)




Safety Features of the Engine's Gas Piping Area

  • Double-walled gas piping system
  • Ventilation function of first wall piping lines, and installed gas leak detection
  • Instantaneous switching to diesel mode in the event of gas slip (failure of gas supply system), with injection of inert gas into the gas fuel pipe
Gas Piping Layout Diagram


Model Unit DE20DF DE28DF DE35DF
Maximum output kWm 890 1,730 / 2,300 3,060 / 4,080
Engine revs. min-1 900 720 720
No. of cylinders 6 6 / 8 6 / 8
Bore mm 205 280 350
Stroke mm 300 390 440
Pme Mpa 2.00 2.00 2.01
Piston Speed m/s 9 9.4 10.56
Diesel Oil MGO, MDO, HFO
Gas Fuel LNG (Methane number of 65 or higher)
Overall Length(*1) mm 5,395 7,195 / 9,100 9,065 / 10,470
Overall Width(*2) mm 1,035 1,300 1,780
Overall Height(*3) mm 3,245 3,995 / 4,055 4,150
Piston Overhaul Height(*4) mm 2,530 3,365 3,905
Generator Set Dry Mass(*5) ton 17 36 / 47 81 / 98

*1 Varies depending on the generator.
*2 The maximum width of the common baseplate mounting surface.
*3 The height of the exhaust port from the common baseplate mounting surface.
*4 The height from the common baseplate mounting surface.
*5 Varies depending on the generator.

DF Engine Structure

DF Engine Structure